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Loved using the Irie Soap!

Ordering from BKLYN Bar Soap was easy and the delivery came quickly. The Irie has become one of my favorites. Yesterday I spent the morning doing some home improvements. It was over 90 degrees. When I finished I was tired and sweaty. I took a shower with the Irie soap. Not only did it leave my skin feeling refreshed, the smell was like aromatherapy in that shower. Felt like it gave me the little energy boost I needed to continue the day.


This is It! Lauryn Coffee Soap

Honeyyyyyyyy, this is it right here. I have ordered the other soaps and they were great, but my skin is in love with this one. My skin is extremely dry and this soap does not dry my skin out. I love the light lather as well. If you have dry skin, this is the way to go.


Love it

The Vegan Butter Feels great on my skin and the smell is amazing!

John J
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